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About us

Energy Generated From Natural Resources!

your solar is managed through a Team of experts with proven Track record in developing over +50 power plants. Our mission is to help every landowner to go 100% renewable without any investment. We are committed to make Clean Energy is accessable for everyone!



Generate Your Own Clean Energy to our

Engineering Excellence

We have been responsible for Engineering in over 100 projects and has been proven always our expertise in Engineering. Our Engineers have over 10 years of experience in the design of power plants.

Demand Response

Our target is to plan a system in the early stage that match with the electricity that is needed. We avoid over/under-production and select the right technical setup from day one.

Load Shifting

The dynamics of Load requires shifting during a day with a well-designed storage solution.

Critical Resilience Strategy

Our project development utilize to use clean energy as a critical resilience strategy when utilities proactively shut off power as a public safety measure when fire risk is high.